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A few days ago, I got sucked into Project 333; the practice of limiting yourself for 3 months to 33 items of clothing (which include accessories, shoes and outerwear, but not underwear, socks, or workout clothing–if worn to a workout). … Continue reading

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Well, this is embarrassing…

I have not vanished off the face of the earth. In fact, I can barely remember what’s kept me so silent for the past, um, 8 1/2 months. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s that my country is in a tailspin … Continue reading

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in a nutshell

somehow I’m on week 20 of my 24-week training plan. Between weeks 16-19 I caught the most horrendous cough, resulting in missed work and missed workouts (3!). I’m trying not to freak out about having missed a major back-to-back weekend, … Continue reading

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Excuse me, while I crawl out from under this rock

Yes, I’m still here. Just going to bed insanely early and getting up even insanely earlier. Just when you think you’re about to die from ALL. THE. MILEAGE, you get an “easy” week, and subsequently catch a cold. I’m on week 13 of … Continue reading

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Yep, that’s me. Janathon has become Slackathon. After a tremendous 5 day start, my trip to San Diego derailed all my blogging efforts. I did, however, keep up with the running. A recap of the past week: Wed, Jan 6: … Continue reading

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Wednesday I’m off to San Diego, which has decided it prefers to offer Scotland’s weather instead of its usual sunny and warm temps. To prepare, I made these:    In ultra news, today starts my first “off week,” and the … Continue reading

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Just in the (St.) Nick of time

With Christmas looming, I spent the week prior frantically knitting on Thing 3’s sweater. I figured as a last resort, Thing 1 could drive the 6 hours to Williamsburg, VA (our holiday trip to my parents’ home), allowing me 6 … Continue reading

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Toto, we’re not in New Jersey any longer…

That, my friends, sums up my impression of Houston. I was there last week for two events. And the entire trip felt, well, just slightly surreal. First, it’s still hot there. I always forget how far south Houston is. It … Continue reading

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Slow Fashion October

Fall is my favorite season, but it tends to have a ‘spiraling out of control’ effect on me. The nature of my job (Christmas at Sea) ensures there’s plenty on my work plate. A Christmas baby (Thing 1) ensures ample holiday … Continue reading

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What I did on my summer vacation…

or, the saga of unending boxes and how to avoid opening them all When I last posted, we were packing for our impending move. You can take my silence as confirmation that said move happened (aug. 12) and that we’re slowly, … Continue reading

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