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Back to regular programming

When we last met, I was in the throes of the #fringeandfriendskal2016. I was sketching, charting, designing and mathing my heart out. I frogged my first two attempts, and seriously questioned my ability to add and divide. But, as they say, the … Continue reading

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Apparently, I can’t knit either

    Welcome to the saga of my #fringeandfriendsKAL2016. Once felled by the dreaded PF, I realized I needed to keep my head clear somehow, so I quickly jumped into this KAL, hosted by The Fringe Association.  My goal–a lopi-esque sweater like … Continue reading

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Little things and rebound races

Now that ultra is over (more on that later), I’ve got a whole lot of time to spend working on my other hobbies. I’ve got tons of projects all queued up, all of which were recently derailed for some little things. Phil’s … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the ugly

of my sojourn to Silicon Valley: The Good: Finding a 30k trail race (Chabot Red Tail Trail Run) that synced up completely with my training plan (because I’m good at math and the metric system and know that 30k=18 miles). Completing … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley

was my favorite book in 2nd grade.* It’s about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board while sleeping, so when he awakes he’s only about 1″ thick.  He has considerable adventures, like being slipped through a sewer grate … Continue reading

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Now where did I put that bandwagon

also known as Janathon? Ultra training this week was hard, especially after a step down week, a transcontinental flight, and some pretty cold temps here in NJ. Tuesday I took an unscheduled rest day (losing three hours in the winter … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice

if there was a week of undated days between Dec 31 and Jan 1–just to get ready for the rush of the new year? Because each year I have such grand plans, and each year I feel like the referee … Continue reading

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Just in the (St.) Nick of time

With Christmas looming, I spent the week prior frantically knitting on Thing 3’s sweater. I figured as a last resort, Thing 1 could drive the 6 hours to Williamsburg, VA (our holiday trip to my parents’ home), allowing me 6 … Continue reading

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Biting off more than I can chew

The Christmas makes are progressing. Last Sunday, after my long run (more on that below the fold), I started and finished the 9 pillowcases. It took a little longer than expected, because half-way through the Mister needed me to help him test … Continue reading

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A Tidal Wave of Motivation

to Make. All. The. Things. Yes, we are approaching December, so that gives me 25 days to make all the presents for everyone. Everywhere I look, I am suckered into thinking “Yes! I can MAKE that! Add it to the list!” … Continue reading

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