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On the needles and in the gym

First up for my SoB (that’s Summer of Basics, folks) is a sweater for my sister.  She lives in Hong Kong and typically it’s not sweater weather there, but recently their winters have gotten a bit chilly, and without central … Continue reading

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Well, this is embarrassing…

I have not vanished off the face of the earth. In fact, I can barely remember what’s kept me so silent for the past, um, 8 1/2 months. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s that my country is in a tailspin … Continue reading

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I am so incredibly stressed out by waking up every morning in Bizarro World. The world where DJT is seriously the republican nominee and black men GOING ABOUT THEIR DAILY LIVES are killed day after day. Whenever I’m anxious, my coping … Continue reading

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Or not. Thing 3 is off to camp next week. This isn’t new for us; it’s her fifth year of camp, but for some reason* she has no clothes this year. (*actually the reason is that she grew 4″ over … Continue reading

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Best cure for the tapers?

My taper for Rock the Ridge was a self-imposed week longer than my plan had called for, and as I’m sure you all know, it’s hard to not second-guess yourself in advance of a goal race when you’re not running. … Continue reading

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U (for ultra) minus 4 days

and counting. I guess that’s the thing about goals–eventually you get there. And “there” for me is Saturday, April 30th.  And that’s when the 804 miles of training, the kajillion calories of food, the hours of stretching and yoga will … Continue reading

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Just in case you were wondering, that’s how many steps are in a 50k. On April 2, my partner in crime and I set off for Hardwick, NJ to participate in the NJ Ultra Fest 50k as part of our … Continue reading

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Hobbling and Cobbling

First up–hobbling Last week (week 15 of my training plan) was my highest mileage week. Ever. 59 miles. Sunday was my longest run ever–22 miles. Thankfully I had help–my teammate for the ultra and another friend (and photographer) who came … Continue reading

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Goodbye January

While my posts have not been up to past Janathon standards, I have been quite productive. This past weekend I had my first significant back to back long run mileage; Saturday called for 18-20 and then Sunday was 14-16. Last … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley

was my favorite book in 2nd grade.* It’s about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board while sleeping, so when he awakes he’s only about 1″ thick.  He has considerable adventures, like being slipped through a sewer grate … Continue reading

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