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I am so incredibly stressed out by waking up every morning in Bizarro World. The world where DJT is seriously the republican nominee and black men GOING ABOUT THEIR DAILY LIVES are killed day after day. Whenever I’m anxious, my coping … Continue reading

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Talk to me

so many things out there just speak to me. Like this: (I think I’m supposed to be friends with her, she just doesn’t know it yet.) And this: (Of course I cast on for one, ignoring, yet again, the mound … Continue reading

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Of mice and men

and 47 Things… you know, like those best laid plans often going awry… A year comes around so much more quickly than it should. I actually thought doing 47 things would not be so difficult–cripes, there are 365 days in the year. … Continue reading

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I’m a voracious reader, but not a particularly deep one. I read for the story, the plot, the characters. I read quickly, and I’ll read the same books over and over and over again.  For the story. I rarely read … Continue reading

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We interrupt Janathon for

the saga of Traveling Pants. I think it’s fairly obvious–I love to put together outfits.  Things don’t have to “match;” they just have to “go,” and I take a lot of satisfaction when everything falls into place.  Especially when traveling, … Continue reading

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Boy, after two weeks of sleeping in, eating bon-bons (well, not really, but the imagery works), and basically marching to my own drummer, today was a shock to the system.  Granted last week I had to go into work on … Continue reading

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one of those days…

Yes, those days. It started out ok–a 6 mile run in the snowy weather.  It hadn’t really gotten cold yet, just damp from the snow, so I was ok with that.  Any day that starts with a run is a … Continue reading

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Do onions count as vegetables? That was my only thought as I was so proud to get all of dinner on the table in between all the Things’ activities (so we could actually eat as a family, on a weeknight, … Continue reading

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Chunking it out

The seasons are changing. The greens of the grass and leaves are looking tired. The sun is getting lower.  Mornings start later. Nights come earlier.  Days are crisp and cool(er). I absolutely love fall, but ever since September 11 and … Continue reading

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I love the Alice in Wonderland feeling I get when one link leads to another which leads to another. Because many times it leads to something like this. appealing.  great aesthetic. winsome design.  people who make stuff. I’m always blown away by … Continue reading

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