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Well, at least I can knit

Because my running mojo’s just about disappeared, thanks to some good ole fashioned PF. And because clearly I have yet to learn from past injuries, I am 2 for 2 when it comes to moving past this, as I prematurely … Continue reading

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when life gives you lemons…

or limes… make a key lime parfait. With help from grandma’s Thin Mints For Easter I had ordered a key lime pie, and when it arrived I discovered that it had not really set, nor had the crust (which was a … Continue reading

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high and mighty

I knew it was too good to last.  I was cruising on four months injury-free (and my first running April since…ever) and wham, this morning, just when I was thinking how freakin’ fantastic it is to run at 5:30am when … Continue reading

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sink or swim

some things are going swimmingly.  Mekko, for example:   although this is not a very becoming view.  I think it will have more shape when I squeeze myself into it. I’m about 1″ into the armscye (6″ more to go), … Continue reading

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I wanna run. But I’m right at that point in this so-called injury where I might be able to but I’m scared to try. So I’m being patient. And licking the wallpaper. Until Sunday. On Sunday I’m going to put … Continue reading

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Guess what?

Oranges don’t crunch. In my forced rest state, I’m trying to be good. So tonight I am resisting (with all my will) the salt n’ vinegar chips, and instead selected a delicious orange. (Doubly delish because I purchased them through … Continue reading

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Top 10 list

a la Mr. Letterman, here’s my top 10 list of the best things to do when you can’t run: 10: swear at all the runners you see out on the road when you’re driving by. 9. continue to wake up … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving chez Sato was a low-key affair, with the Mister in Japan and Big Jim and Mrs. Big Jim (my parents and our go-to holiday hosts) in Hong Kong. The day started with my town’s Ashenfelter 8K. With latte in … Continue reading

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You would think

that after traversing a kajillion mountain miles over the weekend (more on that later) that once ensconced in my lovely suburban NJ neighborhood, I’d be safe. Wrong. For the first (and hopefully last) time in 47 years of existence, I … Continue reading

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I absolutely hate to admit this, but the Mister is always right.  Grrr. So frustrating. Last night we attended a wedding of a friend.  While that may seem a bit crazy, heading off to a wedding (albeit local) en famille … Continue reading

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