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I’m still alive. You would think that I’ve run out of fodder, given my absence from the blogging world. And no, it’s not even because I’m that busy. Since I’ve last written, I’ve firmly crossed the threshold into middle-age (yep, … Continue reading

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Things I suck at

Apparently, blogging in June. Things I don’t suck at: Signing up for more races. This week kicks off a new 16 (well, 17, because I’m giving myself actually 2 weeks to get the first week’s workouts done) week training plan … Continue reading

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Best cure for the tapers?

My taper for Rock the Ridge was a self-imposed week longer than my plan had called for, and as I’m sure you all know, it’s hard to not second-guess yourself in advance of a goal race when you’re not running. … Continue reading

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No, I’m not freaking out

It’s April 12, and my goal race is in 17 days, and I’m taking a forced early taper.  Because after that 50K, I wanted to stay true to the letter of my training plan, and I hopped right back into … Continue reading

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in a nutshell

somehow I’m on week 20 of my 24-week training plan. Between weeks 16-19 I caught the most horrendous cough, resulting in missed work and missed workouts (3!). I’m trying not to freak out about having missed a major back-to-back weekend, … Continue reading

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I’m not slacking

I’m making cat name tags. Thing 3 and I volunteer at our town’s animal shelter. Actually, Thing 3 volunteers and I accompany her because at age 11, she can’t be there on her own.  The shelter is having an adoption … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley

was my favorite book in 2nd grade.* It’s about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board while sleeping, so when he awakes he’s only about 1″ thick.  He has considerable adventures, like being slipped through a sewer grate … Continue reading

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Just in the (St.) Nick of time

With Christmas looming, I spent the week prior frantically knitting on Thing 3’s sweater. I figured as a last resort, Thing 1 could drive the 6 hours to Williamsburg, VA (our holiday trip to my parents’ home), allowing me 6 … Continue reading

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There and back

and there again For someone who doesn’t like doing the same thing twice (such as knitting two socks, or two sleeves), I’ve spent the past two weekends repeating myself. Two weekends ago on Saturday, Thing 2 and I were off … Continue reading

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so many things, so little time: it is such a pleasure to have your soon to be 20 year old offer to take your 11 1/2 year old to the Met on a Saturday afternoon. It’s an even bigger pleasure … Continue reading

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