47 Things List

In my 47th year (starting July 2, 2013), I’m going to do 47 things. Whether it’s learning something new (L for learn), finishing something on my unending t0-do list (F for finish), general craftiness (M for make) or making a mitzvah (GD for good deed), I’ll document them all here and tally them on July 1, 2014.

47 Things:

  1. treated two interns to coffee (GD: 7/5)
  2. used a zipper foot on my sewing machine successfully and without an instructor looking over my shoulder (L: 7/7)
  3. made 7 Lazy Days skirts for the 6 nieces and Thing 3 (M: 7/23)
  4. at Sbux at JFK airport (upon return from Japan) purchased a complete stranger’s order (single banana) because our order was so large and it caused him to wait too long. (GD: 8/25)
  5. treated office interns to a day of apple picking (and their apples) (GD: 9/29)
  6. sewed with super slippery fabric (M: 10/27)
  7. hit a parked car and found the owner and owned up to the damage (GD: 11/12)
  8. Grellow (M: 12/13)
  9. Mekko (M: 12/13)
  10. bought Starbucks giftcards for the guys plowing out the starbucks parking lot during our first snow storm  (GD: 1/2)
  11. volunteered as a dresser at trade show fashion show (helping out a friend in a pinch) (GD: 1/10)
  12. shoveled neighbors sidewalk and driveway (GD: 1/21, and 2 more times )
  13. Warriston (M: 1/23)
  14. 2 Continental shirts (M: jan 2014)
  15. Hosted winter run (GD: Feb 2014)
  16. September Morn (M: March 2014)
  17. Doe & Deer shirt (M: March 2014)
  18. Created own shirt-dress from inspiration (M: March 2014)
  19. Created own t-shirt from inspiration & first time to sew with knits (M: March 2014)
  20. bought coworker’s lunch (GD: March 2014)
  21. Shamrock Half Marathon (PR, March 2014)
  22. Sewed shift dress (M: April 2014)
  23. Indy Mini Marathon (May, 2014)
  24. Hosted entire family at house (GD: June 2014)
  25. Lager Run 5k PR

2 Responses to 47 Things List

  1. Red Hen says:

    This is a great idea. I might steal it on my next birthday. Except that I`ll have a lot more things to do than you! Good luck with it all!

  2. Jean Alaba says:

    This is actually pretty interesting. Might do this as well!

    Thanks for the creative idea. Cheers

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