You know it’s a good day

When this happens

Yep, another pair ‘o jeans. The denim is Japanese selvedge procured in Hong Kong this past March. Pattern is Closet Case Files Morgan jean. I sized up 2 sizes because on my last pair I had the narrowest of seam allowances. This time I was going for a slouchy look. It’s not quite that, and the pockets are a bit low, but I love the fancy stitching I did on the pockets. And my button fly is much more even. Oh, and yes, the pocket bag and waistband are Liberty. 

Between the new jeans, the re-emergence of the sun and a nice 5 mile run, my more relaxed Juneathon is preceding on course.

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a knitter, a runner, a mother, a reader.
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4 Responses to You know it’s a good day

  1. TinLizzie72 says:

    I love the fancy stitches! I’m getting a new machine that does fancy stitches, and this gives me ideas. And that fly is boss!

  2. shazruns says:

    Those jeans are a thing of beauty x

  3. Lina says:

    These are amazing, Paige! I’m so in awe of your skills!

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