Well, at least I can knit

Because my running mojo’s just about disappeared, thanks to some good ole fashioned PF. And because clearly I have yet to learn from past injuries, I am 2 for 2 when it comes to moving past this, as I prematurely jumped the gun and ran two races before being completely healed.  Adding to the fun, I am also 2 for 2 when it comes to placing last (or very close to LAST) when competing (wait, that’s too strong a word; hobbling is a more apt description) in my first two races in my new age group. 😦

Satan’s Tar was a 9 mile, 2000 ft incline (over 4.7 miles) then 2,000 ft decline (over 4.3) on a wicked hot, early August Saturday. This was still early in my injury, and I just sucked it up, knowing I’d pay the price of a slower recovery, but the swag included a mason jar. For beer. Need I say more?

The 2nd race was three weeks after that. One mile. Prior to the onset of the PF, I had visions of this being a goal race, just to see how fast I could go. I’ve never run a flat out mile, and this course was perfect–a straightaway, freshly paved, and hosted by my local running store. As it was a USATF race, there were separate starts for different age groups. I was in the Masters 50 and up. This was a speedy group of women, and my lack of running over the past five weeks (aside from Satan’s Tar) meant that I had absolutely no turnover in my legs. However, my foot had been feeling better, so I was looking forward to the challenge. My foot didn’t get the message though, and started to raise a stink by the first quarter mile. I think my finish time was 8:55-ish. Meh. I think the pain after this lousy mile was even more intense than after the 9 miler. Go figure.

This could be depressing, but both races were fabulous. So aside from the intense pain, I enjoyed them both, and look forward to a mulligan for both next year.


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5 Responses to Well, at least I can knit

  1. shazruns says:

    Feel your pain! But like you say at least you can knit!

  2. Kristine Byrnes says:

    Ugh. PF is such a pain, literally, and tends to last far longer than it has any right to. If it makes you feel any better, that’s what sidelined Ryan Hall. Love the costumes though, glad I finally get the connection. That race sounds brutal!

  3. afthead says:

    Running injuries, gak! I’ve had my hips out of alignment almost all summer and have been painfully hobbling through workouts myself. Finally I am back to my old form, so I wish you a complete and thorough recovery. Then go back and try that mile course again! (Also, at first glance I thought your other run was called “Satan’s Tat” and thought perhaps you were doing detailed handwork while running. Now that would be hard…

  4. pscapp says:

    I had a bad case of PF last Went through months of PT with minor relief. I finally opted for the cortisone shot in January. It worked.

  5. GanshuRunner says:

    Looks like that was a hellish run. Aptly named!

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