I swear, no filters! This was taken at the rose garden in the park I did my hill repeats at this morning.

It must have been the mist and clouds that created the lovely light.


Lookit that YELLOW!

We’ve had a week of no sun and wet, damp weather. I think I’ve gotten over my aversion to running in the rain. That being said, I’m not loving the damp chill that’s hard to shake.


The hair on my arms has been standing all day!

Today’s Juneathon effort was a 7 mile run with 10 hill repeats in the middle. This took for-freakin’-ever.

At work, my lunch companion co-worker surprised me with a pic from the restroom at Cowgirl Seahorse:


Yet another lovely poem, and a tribute to Mother nonetheless!

Juneathon Stats:

  • Today’s miles: 7.25
  • Total Juneathon miles: 47
  • # of shocking pink roses: 1
  • # of shockingly bad bathroom acrostic poems: 1



About onthelamb

a knitter, a runner, a mother, a reader.
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7 Responses to Shocking

  1. winsometahn says:

    “O means only that she’s getting old” ? Is that the nicest thing the poet could think of??
    Did the rose smell as lovely as it looks?

  2. plustenner says:

    gorgeous photos, and well done on your run!

  3. Red Hen says:

    Hard to believe your route was snow covered not so long ago. I love the flower pics. Though the hairy arm isn’t bad either!

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