In the form of squats, clams, hip thrusts in the morning. Stairs (no elevators) all throughout the workday. And a massive effort at getting out several weeks of recycling in the evening. No basketball today.

I’ve been granted a reprieve in my other Juneathon effort (reading one New Yorker before the next arrived); today’s New Yorker didn’t arrive. I still have a few stories left in last week’s issue.

And after finishing up my 9 year blanket, I have renewed interest in finishing up other old projects, so I dug out some UFOs (unfinished objects) and did some prioritizing.  I found a cute pullover missing only the sleeves.  After staring at it for awhile, I think I remember what size I was making and why I dropped the ball on this one (the yarn is sorta…meh), but I think I can finish this up before summer ends.

Tomorrow–an easy 5.

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a knitter, a runner, a mother, a reader.
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4 Responses to Cross-training

  1. Red Hen says:

    I hate the way UFOs mock me from their corners. And they’re ably joined by my UFBs(unfinished books). Good on you for tackling one today!

  2. shazruns says:

    We want pics of squats, clams and hip thrusts

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