Does sex count

as cross training?

Just thought I’d ask, as I have yet to get in any sort of exercise today.  It’s a “cross-training” day for me on my schedule, so….

I was going to head out to my running club’s hosted run tonight, but honestly, I’m still a bit tired after the weekend and late night on Monday.  God I’m getting old, when spending two days in a van and one late night in NYC makes me tired.  And I’m leaving Friday on yet another trip (this time for business), so I decided to play it smart and rest up.

Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite writers, writes in his book “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: “…one of the privileges given to those who’ve avoided dying young is the blessed right to grow old. The honor of physical decline is waiting, and you have to get used to that reality.”

I love these sentiments: the privilege of aging, the blessed right to grow old, the honor of physical decline. I read Murakami’s book earlier this spring waiting out my stress fracture, and it’s been weighing on my mind as I go through the process of getting back into shape as I approach yet another birthday.

Last year, I rushed my recovery (and most likely set myself up for all these issues I’ve been having since) for no discernable reason, but maybe subconsciously I felt like I needed to beat that aging clock, to whip it back into submission.

But after this year’s injury and reading Murakami, I feel differently.  He is right: it is a privilege to grow older, and there is honor in aging.  There’s no clock that I need to beat back.  Instead, I want to be smart about my recovery, because I love running, and that feeling of euphoria after a nice long run. I love spending 27+ hours in a van with very little sleep, poor food options, and great people. I love the energy running brings to my life. I love knowing that if I’m stuck in traffic or run out of gas 15 miles away from home, I could run there instead, if I really had to.  But most of all, I love knowing that with dedicated, injury-free running comes a commitment to cross training.

so sex better count.



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17 Responses to Does sex count

  1. runninginnj says:

    It does – I think it’s listed as an activity on at least one of the sites where you can track your exercise.

  2. Kris says:

    I am sorry to say that according to my fitness app, it only burns 26 calories per half hour. According to this article, you will burn more calories if you knit instead:

  3. Red Hen says:

    It only counts though if you track all such activity online.Publically.And for all us readers.
    Damn,can’t find the vicious grin icon…

  4. Regarding the comment by Kris: Anyone who burns more calories knitting than during sex needs to find a new partner! 🙂

    • paigesato says:

      you know, when i owned a yarn store, this (calories burnt during sex vs. knitting) was one factoid that kept coming up–and none of us could believe it either.

  5. Katie says:

    I did giggle at this…Because my BF asked me the’s still a..activity 🙂

  6. I’m positive it does!

  7. juleslewis says:

    RunningFreeOnline offers you the euphemistic “Cross Training – Body Pump”, which could work…! Failing that it’s “Cross Training – Yoga” if you’re more in the Tantric line of things, “Cross Training – Pole Dancing” for the, er, warm-up(!), or “Cross Training – Other” if you’re feeling shy.

  8. Irish Katie says:

    I wanted to say, I LOVE reading Murakami … on my shelf I have Norwegian Wood, The Wind Up Bird, and Kafka By the Sea

    As for the counting of errr…. damn-it. Stop bragging … I am a single divorced mom that will have to get my caloric burn NOT through substitute knitting! lol

  9. Jim Brennan says:

    Sex definitely counts! “What I Talk About… ” is my favorite running book. Murakami writes about the runner in all of us, that thing that’s buried deep inside. And the honor of aging, I get it! Great post!

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